Car Hire insurance explanation

Most car hire firms quote you with no insurance included, or at best just with the obligatory third party, fire and theft. In some ways we are silly as it does make us look the most expensive in the market. In reality we are just being straight, there are no hidden extras.

When you rent a car from us, the rate includes Full Comprehensive Insurance" (F.C.I.), "Third Party Insurance" (T.P.I.) and Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W).

There is an Excess for Groups A2 to D3, D5, D6 200
Groups F4 & F6 400.00
Groups J & J2 800

This means that the CDW covers you but NOT for the excess, which is the opposite of what it sounds like and is the first part of the damage at the amounts quoted above!

You may buy cover to completely waive the excess, this is called W.E. and is not included in the price

Non Waive able Excess for Groups A2 to F1 of 300.00 and for Groups F4 to J 400.00 excess in the case you have an accident. This means that there is no excess for you to pay.

Waiverable Excess(WE) for Groups A2 to D3, D5, D6
3.00 per day
for Groups F4 & F6
5.00 per day
& Group J & J2
8.00 per day.

We also offer ADW (Additional damage waiver).

ADW: This covers tyres, windscreen and oil sump.

3.50 per day

For Groups

A2 to D3, D5, D6
6.00 per day F4 to J2

Insurance and/or C.D.W. does not cover Fire & Theft, Tyres, Windscreen and Oil Sump. C.D.W. does not cover loss or damage to the vehicle and its parts or accessories caused by theft, attempted theft or vandalism.  Strange as it may seem, this is not available in Cyprus.
Drivers between 23 and 25 can rent cars but they cannot purchase Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) to cover the excess.

Tyres, Windscreen and Oil Sump are covered by Additional Damage Waiver (ADW).

We hope this is clear. If it is not, please request clarification.

If you take the car to the North you are NOT covered by any of it. Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Capiche ?

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